34 thoughts on “Hairy

  1. So does it matter?
    My own tastes = Not into hair in the pits, legs, or nips. That said… there are a million other things I am not into.
    Short hair is one. Sweaters are another.
    When I met my wife she had short hair and didn’t shave a thing. She was wearing a sweater.
    She had a bohemian hippy fuck off attitude going on.
    She was also rather rude to me.
    Fell for her instantly and was calling her my chia pet within two months.
    10 years later and she shaves most everything. Isn’t because of me though.
    She does as she pleases and I take her as she is. I figure that’s how it should be with everyone.

    • Wow!! That sounds wonderful and yes, most people do as they please these days. As for me, I like to shave every once in a while but over the past two months I have stopped caring whether I have hair or not. It makes me feel comfortable and doesn’t gross me out anymore like it used to. God made me this way and I should be proud of it, I should embrace it and move forward with life. If there are people who don’t like it then so be it.

      I am who I am. I’m not changing to please the world around me. God accepts me this way and so do I!!

      xxx Miss July xxx

    • Yes, it truly is. I think you might have even inspired me to follow through with taking pictures of my hair to post. Not too sure though.

      Either way, great post again. I love it and let women have hair if they so please.

      xxx Miss July xxx

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